BIOCETIS SARL was created in July 23 2001, in Berck-sur-Mer, with a capital equal to 100200 €. Three scientists and doctors are at the origin of this innovative technical project. In France and abroad, BIOCETIS goals are fabrication and commercialization of medical devices, biomaterials and bioceramics in the medical field.

The company comes from technical transfer between two laboratories of research in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region : the IRMS/IR2B in University of Littoral Opal Coast, and the LAMAC of University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis. This technology concerns the macro-porous bones substitutes with an organized, spherical and interlinked structure.

For do it, we filed a patent on the fabrication procedure, in the french and in international market. After this, we filed two other patent, in April 2003, on two biological preparation before implant procedure. ”

History of

the company

  • 2014

    Biocetis acquires the synthesis of phosphocalcic powder (HA and β-TCP) production.

  • 2013

    TÜV gives the ISO 13485 certification. Biotech International gives parts to Biotech Dental who becomes the new majority shareholder.

  • 2012

    Biocetis moves to Nogent(52).

  • 2010

    The Company Biotech International becomes the Biocetis majority shareholder.

  • 2006

    Biocetis moves to Coursnonsec(34).

  • 2003

    Biocetis customers get the CE marking on bones substitutes. They can sell our produces to the hospital. Patents are filed on two biological preparation before implant procedure.

  • 2002

    Biocetis customers get the CE marking on bones substitutes. They can sell our produces to the hospital.

  • 2001

    Biocetis is created in Berck-sur-Mer.



Three rooms are reserved to Bones substitutes production.

A room for the production with all necessary tools. This is in this room that different steps of fabrication are realized. This is the room the most important for product preparation.

Biocetis' Products :

Bones Substitutes

The chemical reactor

The chemical reactor is the place of chemical reaction for the manufacture of calcium phosphates. It is a double wall reactor for controlling the temperature of the reaction medium of the powders synthesis.

The x-ray diffractometer

The x-ray diffractometer allows us to analyze a part of the composition of our products during manufacture. It is possible to provide services, contact us if necessary


Our furnaces allow us to carry out heat treatments up to 1400 ° C. In our processes, we use them for debinding, calcination or sintering.